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Sports in Vancouver, WA

Vancouver USA provides the perfect blend of outdoor adventure, urban charm, and accessibility. Conveniently located between the picturesque Cascade Mountains and the mighty Columbia River, Vancouver is a sports paradise.


Whether it’s indoor or outdoor sports, Vancouver USA has the advantage! Your athletes will compete with pride at our amazing natural venues and diverse sporting facilities. That's why Vancouver has hosted events for almost every sport you can think of, including the NAIA Cross Country National Championships, the US Rowing Northwest Junior District Championships, the Spartan Race, and the Lucas Oil National Motocross Series.

We also work with local sports leagues to grow their programming, raise awareness for events, and assist with securing venues and hotel rooms. Some of our many sports partners include Washington Timbers, Ridgefield Raptors, HoopSource Basketball and the Vancouver Lake Rowing Club.

Vancouver USA is readily accessible just 10 minutes north of Portland, Oregon, and our mild climate makes Vancouver an ideal sports destination all-year-round. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to stay caught up with the latest sports news.





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