Washington State has issued a new re-opening strategy that will remain in effect at least until April. Find out what's open, what's closed, the latest guidelines for social gatherings, and how to support small businesses this winter on our COVID-19 resources page.

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Operations & Administration


Cliff Myers
President & CEO
Phone: 360-750-1553 Ext. 512
Fax: 360-750-1933
Email: cmyers@VisitVancouverUSA.com

Headshot Cliff Myers

Debra Ingram-Payne II
Office Administrator/Manager
Phone: 360-750-1553 Ext. 513
Fax: 360-750-1933
Email: admin@VisitVancouverUSA.com

Debra Ingram

Business Development & Services


Christine Whitney
Senior Group Sales Manager
Phone: 360-750-1553 Ext. 516
Fax: 360-750-1933
Email: cwhitney@VisitVancouverUSA.com

Christine Whitney

Barb Fuller
Group Sales Manager
Phone: 360-750-1553 Ext. 514
Fax: 360-750-1933
Email: bfuller@VisitVancouverUSA.com

Barb Fuller Headshot

Jazlyn Faulstick
Group Sales Coordinator
Phone: 360-750-1553
Fax: 360-750-1933
Email: services@VisitVancouverUSA.com

Jazlyn Faulstick Headshot

Marketing & Communications


Michelle Thana
Director of Marketing
Phone: 360-750-1553 Ext. 519
Fax: 360-750-1933
Email: mthana@VisitVancouverUSA.com

  Michelle McKenzie

Erica Lindemann
Communications Manager
Phone: 360-750-1553 Ext. 519
Fax: 360-750-1933
Email: elindemann@VisitVancouverUSA.com

 Erica Thompson

Taylor Pulsipher
Art Director
Phone: 360-750-1553 Ext. 518
Fax: 360-750-1933
Email: tpulsipher@VisitVancouverUSA.com

 Taylor Pulsipher

Toll Free 877-600-0800 / 360-750-1553

If you don't know which staff member to contact after reviewing the above list, please dial 0. Thank you!






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