Washington State has issued a new re-opening strategy that will remain in effect at least until April. Find out what's open, what's closed, the latest guidelines for social gatherings, and how to support small businesses this winter on our COVID-19 resources page.

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Before you start your adventures exploring Vancouver USA, get an insider's look at the top attractions and experiences with our annual travel magazine.

What's Inside 2020 Travel Magazine Cover

  • Detailed maps
  • Features on the waterfront, international eats, and outdoor adventures* 
  • Lodging resources and relocation information
  • Calendar of special events*

*This edition of the Travel Magazine was printed before many events were canceled or postponed due to COVID-19 regulations. Please continue to follow state mandated directives for social distancing and safety guidelines.

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Fill out the form below to receive your free copy by mail (estimated delivery 2 weeks). If you need information sooner, you can download a digital copy. You can also request your copy of the magazine by calling our visitor information services line at 1-877-600-0800.

If you are already in Vancouver USA, you can pick up your copy of the travel magazine at one of the following locations. Note: All of these locations are experiencing intermittent closures; please check ahead of arrival if they are open.


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