The Mighty Bowl opened for business 3 years ago as one of Vancouver’s first mobile food trucks. The idea was cooked up by co-owner Steve Valenta and his wife with the goal of bringing unique food options to downtown Vancouver, as well as bringing people together over healthy and tasty food. The Mighty Bowl food truck offers customers brown rice and black bean based items as bowls, salads or burritos. During the week you can find the truck parked downtown, and on weekends the truck serves customers at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market.

“I would differentiate ourselves by way of food truck in general. Vancouver has a good restaurant presence, but food trucks are new to Vancouver, so that’s how we set ourselves apart. A lot of people told us it would be easier to do our food truck in Portland, but we didn’t want to. We wanted more food options in our community, so we decided to be the change we wanted to see and create something new and different to give people unique food options on this side of the river. We have been open for about 3 years and are excited to bring new food and create a new culture in downtown Vancouver.”

- Steve Valenta, Co-Owner