Washington State has issued a new re-opening strategy that will remain in effect at least until April. Find out what's open, what's closed, the latest guidelines for social gatherings, and how to support small businesses this winter on our COVID-19 resources page.

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Show Some Local Love

There is no question, COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted the hospitality industry, resulting in staggering numbers for layoffs, closures, and temporary hiatus' with no clear end in sight. Many local restaurants, retail shops, breweries, wineries, coffee shops, and more rely heavily on visitor spending to survive, and we don't want to see another business have to close their doors for good. Help us support the jewels of Southwest Washington, and keep these businesses thriving so locals and visitors alike can enjoy them for years to come. Together, we are #CouveStrong.

Here's where you come in! We invite healthy locals and visitors (who are financially able) to safely experience Vancouver USA and all of Clark County by dining at independently-owned restaurants, shopping at local boutiques, exploring new wine tasting rooms along the waterfront, and more. Read our blog posts for guidance on how to travel and recreate responsibly under current laws, and check out our COVID-19 resources page to find out where our state, city, and county are at in the re-opening process. 

Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to us! Leave a message when calling 360-750-1553 or email us at services@VisitVancouverUSA.com


Savor the Couve: Vancouver restaurants have teamed up to bring you delicious five-course meals, while giving back to local charities. Every Thursday through the end of March, view the unique combo of courses, sign up, and pick up your meal for two for $100. $25 from each order go to a different nonprofit each week.

Grow the (360): Run by the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, this program allows people to purchase gift cards to participating local merchants, representing a promise of future business. Gift certificate amounts range from $5 to $100; anything helps.

Helpful Links

While this year's dining month has come and gone, local restaurants still need your help! Find great takeout options and safe dining guidelines at Vancouver's eateries.

Most of our breweries were "born and raised" right here in Vancouver, and their craft beers rival any from around the globe. Find a list and map of all of Clark County's sudsy spots here.