Effective June 30, all businesses in Washington State can return to 100 percent capacity with no physical distancing. Masks are required indoors starting Aug. 23, regardless of vaccination status. Find event cancellations, guidance for large indoor events, and more on our COVID-19 resources page.

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Jacob Schmidt

Former marketing director and proud Vancouverite.

Tap Trek: The Couve's Downtown Breweries

Photo by Stuart Mullenberg for Vancouver USA For the uninitiated to Vancouver’s craft beer scene, a trek through the tap turf of the city’s downtown breweries provides an easygoing orientation. With 10 breweries and taprooms located within a walkable one-and-a-half-mile stretch (word to the wise:…

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Defining "The Couve"

If you’re new to Vancouver USA, you may hear locals casually dropping reference to a mysterious entity known only as “The Couve.” What could it be, you wonder— a local hangout? A delicious French breakfast pastry? A secret society accessible only via speakeasy? Let us solve this riddle for you: The…

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