Vancouver Spotlight

Regional Attractions

Just as the Hudson's Bay Trading Company discovered when it set up shop at Fort Vancouver some 200 years ago, Vancouver USA serves as the perfect location for exploring the wonders of the Pacific Northwest. From the wild waters of the Pacific Ocean, to the majesty of Mount St. Helens and the towering firs and climbs of the Columbia River Gorge, here are a few short trip ideas to explore during your stay.

Mount St. Helens spring
  • Mount St. Helens: Just an hour and a half drive north of Vancouver USA, this is Southwest Washington's signature landmark. The explosive eruption of 1980 marked the re-awakening of this volcanic giant and is responsible for its international recognition and geological significance. The area offers exciting hiking and cross-country skiing, and for the more adventurous, a helicopter tour provides an exhilarating and speedy way to take in the full scope of the eruption. Learn more about seasonal activities on Mount St. Helens.
Pacific Ocean
  • Pacific Ocean: From the rugged coast of Astoria to the sandy beaches of Long Beach, there is much to see and do at the Pacific Ocean. A two-hour drive from downtown Vancouver, the area is rich in recreational opportunities, including kayaking, kite flying, clamming, treasure hunting, fishing and beach combing. The Corps of Discovery ended their epic journey here, and visitors can enjoy many Lewis & Clark attractions on the Long Beach Peninsula. The area is also a seafood lover's paradise, offering locally-caught salmon, halibut, sturgeon, Dungeness Crab, razor clams, oysters and more.
Wind Mountain
  • Columbia River Gorge: This is the only designated National Scenic Area in the country offering visitors awe-inspiring natural beauty. Native Americans were the first inhabitants of the area, drawn to the plentiful resources around the Columbia River and surrounding mountains. Today, the Gorge is a popular destination for windsurfers, kiteboarders and other recreational enthusiasts enjoying hiking, biking, fishing and more. Find other stops along the Gorge.