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2016 TM



Bridge Town Sound Presents Evergreen District Convention

From: October 14, 2016 - October 15, 2016 (Recurring daily)

Quartets and chorus groups from around the Northwest will compete in this musical competition and event hosted by Bridge Town Sound. Tour and theatre activities are also available and open to the public. Visit the website for more infomation.

Entertainment at the hotel that need tickets:

  • Improv Theater in the Pine/Spruce rooms Thursday 7:30-9 PM and the main Ballroom Saturday 2:30-4 PM at the link above.
  • Quartet contest Main Ballroom Friday 6 PM
  • Chorus Contest Saturday 8 AM
  • Quartet Finals and Show of Champions Saturday 6 PM
  • For convention/contest information and tickets, click here. 

 Entertainment specifically at or near the Hotel that's free:

  • Harmony Platoon Cedar Room Thursday 4 PM, Friday 8 AM-5PM
  • Open mike in the lobby Saturday 5-6 PM
  • AH-SOW Hemlock/Oak Friday 5-11:45 PM, and Alder Room Saturday 8 AM-noon
  • Woodshedding Pine/Spruce Friday 8-11:45 PM, and Ash Saturday 8AM-noon
  • QCED Chorus in the lobby Saturday 8-8:30 PM

Bridge Town Sound (BTS) aspires to be the premier men's a cappella chorus in the Pacific Northwest, serving the Portland-Vancouver Metro area (and beyond). BTS has won the all-Oregon Barbershop Chorus Contest numerous times, most recently in April 2014.