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Industry Impact

Power of Travel ChartWhy is it important to promote tourism? Tourism provides a solid economic benefit to our local economy. A healthy tourism industry has a positive economic impact that pays dividends in ways we don't always realize.

Tourism is Big Business

In 2014, tourism in Clark County continued to be an economic driver and showed an increase in visitor spending and tourism jobs. Visitors to Clark County spent over $481 million at local businesses and generated more than $41 million in local and state taxes. Tourism also helps create a vibrant economy by providing employment opportunities; more than 4,200 jobs in Clark County are related to the tourism industry. These figures are provided by Dean Runyan Associates from the April 2015 report to the Washington Tourism Alliance.  

US Travel Answer Sheet

The graphic below highlight facts on the US Travel Industry. Click on the graphic for a larger version.

US Travel Answers 2015