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Industry Impact

Power of Travel ChartWhy is it important to promote tourism? Tourism provides a solid economic benefit to our local economy. A healthy tourism industry has a positive economic impact that pays dividends in ways we don't always realize.

Tourism is Big Business

In 2015, tourism in Clark County continued to be an economic driver and showed an increase in visitor spending and tourism jobs. In Clark County, annual visitor spending increased by 5.1% and local tax receipts increased by 11.6%. This growth contributes to the Clark County tourism economy, an industry that supports more than:

  • $504.8 million in total direct visitor spending;
  • 4,450 tourism related jobs; and,
  • $14 million in local tax receipts.

In 2015, average hotel occupancy in Clark County was 72.5% with $2,484,063.29 collected in Lodging Tax and an ADR (Average Daily Rate) of $101.38.

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For more information about funding, tourism impact, and group business, view our 2017 Annual Tourism Report

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